Revisiting PowToon-Digital Storytelling on a Desktop

We are all familiar with a number of neat storytelling apps for the iPad.  If your school doesn’t have iPads that can be checked out, or you’re in a computer lab that hums with the sound of PCs, digital storytelling projects still can be carried out with ease on a number of online sites!  Digital storytelling allows students

  • to demonstrate their understanding of a topic,
  • express their opinions and feeling, and
  • experience a sense of ownership of their creations.

This is the first of several posts on easy to use, online sites and applications  that a classroom teacher or the technology specialist can use.

PowToon is a really fun way to create a short animated movie, which totally captivated my  students.  There is a free and paid version available with several templates to help you and your students design engaging and eye catching videos.  Uploading your own pictures is quick and simple.  It’s a great way to introduce both animation and digital storytelling for just about elementary school students.

Some examples acress the grade levels, here’s a Powtoon of a kindergarten student retelling the story of the 3 Little Pigs,


to this more sophisticated video created by a 5th grader that was posted on the teaching blog, Ms. Ashley’s Tech World.


0r a teacher made video celebrating student accomplishments on your school’s morning news show!


The PowToon site has an excellent blog, including this post on 13 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into any Lesson Plan.  Here is an excellent “how to” I found on Google Docs that was public for all.

If you haven’t tried PowToon in a while, go back and pay a visit.  If your kids in your Computer Lab special have that glazed over look in their eyes and need something to get them going, throw out a topic and see what they can do with it on PowToon.  They may surprise you!

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