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Simple Video Editing to Enhance Your Instruction

Even though this school year is winding down, it’s never too early to start thinking about the new year ahead.  With the advent of 1:1 technology initiatives, we will be expected acquire new digital skills as well as refine the ones we already have.  Those skills may run the gamut from editing and annotating video for flipped and differentiated learning to archiving and sharing digital resources to creating online portfolios both for students and teachers alike!  Let’s start with some options for annotating video.

EdPuzzle is available for free and works on computers, iOS and Android devices, and as a Chrome extension.  You can set up your own online classroom and create both ‘explainer’ videos that allow students to gather background information and use for review purposes and videos that engage students by presenting quiz questions.

The explainer video below on the Constitution was created by a teacher to explain the content while highlighting and drawing on the screen to emphasize important points.  The quiz video on the right uses a School House Rock video from YouTube on grammar.  It stops periodically and asks the student to point out specific parts of speech in an open-ended quiz question.  This video is engaging and entertaining at the same time!   Take a look at the examples by clicking on the images and think about how EdPuzzle might augment your instruction as a center, homework, or as remediation.


YouTube Video Editor can be used add all kinds of text bubbles and sound effects that will help you make explainer and instructional videos that will grab your students’ attention.  You can also make a video pause automatically where you might want your kids to write something down or add to a part as they are assembling their latest STEM project.  You can also “stitch” separate YouTube videos together, edit unwanted sections and add opening and closing credits!  Check out this “how to” video by YouTube expert, Derrel Eves to see just how easy YouTube Video Editor is to use!


How can video editing transform your teaching? 

Coming up next:  Sound recording and editing apps and sites that can make a real difference for your learners.

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